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Driver Details: Jac

  • Name: Jac Haudenschild

  • Nickname: The Wild Child

  • Hometown: Wooster, OH

  • Birthdate: April 7, 1958

  • Height: 5’5″

  • Weight: 135

  • Total Career Feature Wins: Over 300

Jac’s career in racing spans four decades, dating back to his 1974 start in the business. Click any year below to read details on each respective racing season.

Jac raced for his dad at Lakeville Speedway and Wayne County Speedway in Ohio at the age of 15.


Jac won his first ever sprint car feature at Lakeville at the age of 16.

Pictured at right is Jac holding the checkered flag after that first ever sprint car win.


Jac drove the Ferguson #34 during the 1976 season.


Jac continued to drive the Ferguson sprint and won a total of eight main event features in the car.


Jac ran the Yerian owned #75 winning over 10 main event features.


Jac continued to drive the Yerian sprint in 1979 as well.


Jac ran the Nickle Brothers #31 winning more than 12 main event features. He finished 10th in All-Star Circuit of Champions points.


Jac continued winning in the #31 in Texas, Florida, and Indiana. He also ran the Bob Hampshire #63 and won his first non-winged sprint car feature at Lawrenceburg. He finished 10th in All-Star points. He also won the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic at Premier Speedway in Australia – the marquee event down under.


Jac won over 30 main event features, which included eight in Australia, for the U.S.A. He drove the Hampshire #63 and won many features with the All Stars and USAC. Later in the season, he was given his first big break to drive for a major sponsored team when C.K. Spurlock gave him the ride in the Gambler House car, sponsored by Kenny Rogers. He finished 10th in All-Star points and 16th in World of Outlaws points. He also won his second straight Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic in Australia.


The Wild Child, as he was now commonly referred to, ran Doug Howell’s #4 to numerous top 5 finishes in the World of Outlaws. He finished the year 11th in WoO points


Jac won over 25 features running for Bob Hamphire (#63) and the late Bob Weikert (#29). He finished 5th in All-Star points and 20th in WoO points


A big win came in California’s Vermille Classic. Jac drove the Watson #78 on the WoO circuit. First WoO win was on July 21 at Kokomo. He finished the year 10th in All-Star points and 16th in WoO points


Jac ran for Daryl Saucier in the #1st car. He finished 5th in his first full year on the WoO circuit


Haudenschild finished fourth in the World of Outlaws standings for Ted Lee in the #2. He won the Mini Gold Cup in Chico, California, and finished second at the Syracuse mile. His first major win came when he won the fourth annual King’s Royal at Eldora.


Jac set a new track record at the Eldora USAC race driving for Les Kepler in the Kokiak #18 (he also won that race). He missed over seven main events, but was still able to still finish 8th in the World of Outlaws points. He also drove for Verlin Chupp in the #7c during the year.


Jac drove Ron Knott’s Coors Extra Gold #48, and finished 6th in the WoO point standings, while winning 5 features. He also drove the Max Rogers #49 and Powell’s #32u to ten other feature wins outside of the Word of Outlaws.


Haudenschild jumped around a lot in the 1990 season. He drove Guy Forbrook’s #5, Powell’s #32u, Ron Pack’s #4A(ces), and the Cat-Cam #511, to name a few. He finished 14th in WoO points


Jac drove for Guy Forbrook at Knoxville. He won twenty features and won the Knoxville Championship for Guy. Jac was unable to win the driver points championship due to a couple of missed races because of illness. The Wild Child also finished 17th in WoO points


Jac began the year racing with Guy Forbrook, primarily at Knoxville Raceway and surrounding areas. He then obtained a ride in the Casey Luna #10 in May and raced with the World of Outlaws the remainder of the year. He managed to finish 8th in WoO points. The Wild Child also raced midgets in New Zealand for a short time during the 1992 season as well.


This was the first of 8 years driving for Jack Elden in the famous Pennzoil #22. Jac won the inaugural Historical Big One at Eldora, which carried a $100,000 payday. He finished 6th in WoO points.


Jac finished 6th in the World of Outlaws points with the Elden/Pennzoil team. He won his second King’s Royal, and had 25 top five and 49 top ten finishes.


Jac finished 2nd in the World of Outlaws points. His season ending stats looked like this: 10 first place finishes, 17 second place finishes, 19 third place finishes. He finished 5th or better in 60% of the races, and had four Hard Charger awards.


The Wild Child finished 10th in the World of Outlaws points, after being injured and out of action for a month. End of the season stats totaled up to 19 heat wins, 1 dash win, 4 B-mains and 1 A-main win.


Great season for Jac in the Elden sprint car. He finished 4th in the World of Outlaws point standings, and totaled up 81 top ten finishes, 55 top five finishes, 18 fast times (12 track records), 14 heat wins, 9 dash wins, 2 B-mains and 3 A-main wins.


1998 brought 11 wins, including another Kings Royal championship, and a Gold Cup victory. He finished 7th in points, despite being knocked out of competition after being injured in New York during the summer. This was the last year for Pennzoil sponsorship on the Jack Elden owned sprint car.


Jac won his second straight Chico Gold Cup championship. He also won the $50,000 prize at Oskaloosa for winning the Front Row Challenge after passing 25 cars when coming from the back. He finished 16th in WoO points, after running a partial schedule.


Jac finished 10th in World of Outlaws points, in his last season running for Jack Elden. The team accumulated 2 WoO main event feature wins.


Haudenschild drove Dennis Roth’s #83 through April 29th at Huset’s. He drove for Dwight Reidling, Denny Ashworth, Richard Hoffman, and Carl Wise to finish out the year. He finished 20th in WoO points, after racing another partial schedule.


The Wild Child reunited with Guy Forbrook to pilot the Wirtgen America #5. The two men raced most of the World of Outlaws circuit and finished 13th in points (Jac also drove the Stan Courtad 9h at the Brad Doty Classic in July).


The biggest win of Haudenschild’s career came aboard the Larry Woodward owned Race to Hawaii #4 sprint car. The Wild Child’s victory in the Mopar Million Sprint at Eldora carries with it the distinction of being the richest sprint car race in the history of auto racing.


Jac hooked up with Jamie Miller, a local car owner from Dayton. To the surprise of many fans, the duo ripped off 6 wins over the course of the first half of the season, before Jac accepted the Guy Forbrook WoO ride.


Jac briefly reunited with long-time friend Jack Elden in the #22 car to start the year. He joined the Dennis Roth owned HR Cattle team for Ohio Speedweek and instantly started seeing success. The Wild Child realed off a number of wins with the All Stars and a WoO win at Eldora. He had accumulated 22 top ten finishes for Roth before breaking his wrist at Chico late in the season.


Jac accepted the job to drive for Rick Wright in the Wright One Construction #35 World of Outlaws sprint car for the 2006 season. Haudenschild won six times during the year; one All Star win, four WoO wins, and one Trophy Cup win. The WoO win at US 36 Raceway in May was the first Outlaws victory for car owner Rick Wright.


Jac piloted the Rick Wright owned #5 for a second straight season, competing on the World of Outlaws circuit. The Wild Child took the California based car to WoO victory lane twice – most notably in the Brad Doty Classic at Limaland Motorsports Park. Following the final race of the season at Lowes Motor Speedway, the team disbanded and the eqiutment made it way back to the west coast. Rick elected not to field a WoO team in 2008, and Jac accepted an offer to pilot the Carnahan Motorsports #R19.


It was a 5 win season on the World of Outlaws trail for Jac in 2008. Wins came at Lucas Oil Speedway, Lebanon Valley Speedway, Silver Dollar Speedway, Thunderbowl Speedway, and Castrol Raceaway. The win in Lebanon Valley was the 50th WoO victory of Jac’s career, while the win at Castrol was Jac’s fisrt WoO win in Canada. The victory at Chico’s Gold Cup was worth $50,000 – it was the 3rd Gold Cup of Haud’s career.


Jac completed the second year of driving duties for Lon Carnahan. He re-signed his contract at the end of the year to come back and drive the R19 again in 2010…The highlight of the year came off the track – as Jac was inducted into the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame on May 30.


This marked the third and final year of driving for Lon Carnahan in the #R19 sprint car on the World of Outlaws trail. Carnahan decided to sell the team and retire from the sport at the conclusion of the season, but not before racking up five more WoO wins with Jac at the helm – including victories at the legendary Knoxville Raceway and Eldora Speedway.


Jac ran a variety of cars in 2011, both winged and wingless.  Car owners he drove for included Dennis Roth, Paul Silva, Jamie Miller, Pete Grove, Gus Wasson, and Richard Hoffman.


Jac ran the Wasson Motorsports #5 to start the season before jumping in the Tom and Sherry Leidig owned Phoenix Racing #59 beginning in July.  He also piloted the Anderson Motorsports #18 at the Skagit Dirt Cup and the Roth Motorsports #83 at a few west coast shows.


It was a 7 win season for Jac, with wins coming in the Tom Leidig #59 and Jamie Miller #6m.  While the majority of the season was spent in the 59 car, Jac spent his off weekends piloting a number of other cars including the Finley Farms #77, Landon Simon #22, Dennis Roth #83, Rick Ferkel #0, Rick Rogers #9, SST #41, and Bernie Stuebgen #71 Chili Bowl midget.


Jac ran the majority of the season in the Destiny Motorsports #9W but left the team shortly after the Knoxville Nationals.  He finished out the year racing a few races for Jamie Miller in the 6m, Danny Mumaw in the 16 and the Indy Race Parts #71.